Dare to Dance Company offers training in multi-disciplinary dance arts. The curriculum emphasizes technical excellence and challenging choreography.  Dare to Dance is an inclusive and expansive environment designed to ensure students  have the opportunity to explore their own creativity  and enjoy generous performance opportunitities.

 Jazz - Technique (no choreo) Tuesday 5 to 6 Sue Newman
Tap - Choreo Class Tuesday 6 to 7 Sue Newman
 Ballet Friday  12 to 130 Lisa Hall
Character Ballet Friday 130 to 230 Lisa Hall
Individual Student Studio Time to be determined

Fee $1500.00


Dare to Dance Company Students will choose mentors and/or peers to work with.   Individual studio time will be made available for company students to develop new works of their own for presentation in Academy Productions.

*Mentors can be dancers, parents, gymnasts, musicians, artists of all kinds!



Rules for Company Student Studio Time:

1.  do proper warm up before beginning work

2. adhere to studio schedule

3. respect the studio, sweep the floor before and after your studio time, tidy up common areas

4. provide contact info for all mentors and various collaborators


to register email